Allergies may be the Cause of Eczema

Causes of eczema

Why eczema occurs is still far from being well understood.

It’s useful to think of it as two types – endogenous (coming from within the body) and exogenous (due to contact with an irritant or allergen).

Exogenous or contact dermatitis is caused by sensitivity to a particular substance, which then causes a reaction in the skin. It doesn’t explain why some people are sensitive in the first place and why some substances can trigger a reaction while others do not.

The cause of endogenous eczema is often not found. It’s possible to have both types of eczema at the same time.


Atopic eczema (an endogenous eczema) has a strong genetic component.

The children of parents (especially the mother) who have eczema are very likely to develop it too, more so than asthma or hay fever for example, which also are allergic conditions.

Immune system triggers

Nearly 40 per cent of young children with moderate to severe eczema will develop skin rashes in response to foods to which they are sensitive.

General food group allergies can be detected by a blood test called a RAST test. The relationship between food allergies and eczema in young children is often important, but as they get older the association becomes less clear.

Treatments acting on the immune system

The longest standing treatments of this type are steroid creams and ointments. Alternative treatment available is Calcineurin inhibitor creams. They are potentially a big advantage for those currently dependent on higher  dose or long-term topical steroids.The disadvantages are a burning sensation for the first few days of application in some patients and the concerns about long term skin cancer risk

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From Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, there are herbs such as Forsythia may boost the immune system. You may check it out here.

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